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OK update I removed the Whisker menu and using the older classic one. One Thing I noticed it's a bit quicker when I click on the menu. I'm using a Netbook so there was a bit of a pause with the Whisker menu. As of now I love it, it's running great. :)

Thank you.

One last question. Is there a way to permanently put the command move to folder when you right click on a file you want to copy? I have my Windows 7 OS and did a registry entry that puts the command move to folder and copy to folder, when you right click I wonder if you can do the same with Linux? Makes moving files easier :)

Thanks so much Scott & Valtam. Thanks for letting me know about the risk also for losing the Whisker menu if I remove it. I will try it tonight.

Thank you!

Thanks Valtam. I've been experimenting and using them both. So far so good but if I notice anything I'll be sure to post the results.

Thanks Scott, just keep in mind the Whisker Menu is preset to look and function a certain way for Linux Lite. If you remove it from the taskbar, you will lose that look and feel. Just letting folks know :)


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