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VLC not working well on laptop running LL 3.8


Well, I didn't really get it solved, however I decided to go back and try my LL 3.8 ISO USB and just using that alone without loading it this laptop was much more responsive even just in the keyboard, typing, etc. I wasn't able to try a downloaded video since I was just running off the UBS, however I decided to re-install the OS as I have a feeling this will resolve the issue...\

My plan will be to make a system back entry right after loading it and BEFORE doing any updates just in case the updating creates issues then I can always go back!

Fingers crossed this all works!

Help! - I'm back in South Africa and in the midst of updating and handling any glitches in some of the older laptops I am placing with new students.
The current laptop I'm working with is a Toshiba Portege R830; 32 bit; i7, RAM 4 GB.
It is working and albeit slow it does okay.  The MAIN issue I am finding is when playing videos that are downloaded ON the laptop via VLC media player periodically the video will stop for 1-2 secs then start again AND most importantly at times while playing the picture will disappear or almost disappear for about 2-4 secs then return to playing normally (hard to describe, but it fades out such that you can't make out what is being shown).
Interestingly this does NOT occur when viewing videos on the internet such as YouTube.  At first I thought it was a screen issue, but obviously not.
Perhaps something else to mention is that when I update LL 3.8 I use "Update Manager" rather than the full Linux lite update tab.  Update Manager allows me to update the safer updates (1-3 and skip those labelled 4-5 which might create issues...).

So my questions are:1) is there something I can do to remedy the issue I'm having playing these study videos that are downloaded to the laptop?
2) is there perhaps a different video player I should use?  I did see a post from 2020 that talked about Totem.  IF I should try Totem, exactly how do I get that for this laptop.

Thanks again for your ideas,


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