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virtualbox update? what to choose..

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Stupid me!  There was no problem with USBs on the laptop -- I just forgot an important step.

Here it is just in case you don't already know.

After adding the extension pack, you need to add yourself to the "vboxusers" group.  To do that, go to Menu -> Settings -> User Manager.  While your username is showing under "Select User" box, scroll down the list of groups on the right-hand side until you find "vboxusers".  Place check mark in box next to that, then hit "Apply" and enter your password.

You will need to then log out and back in before the setting can take effect.  USBs will then be available for use in VBox.

Your welcome.

Let us know if you have problems getting it to work.  For some reason it works fine on my desktop, but I'm having problems getting USB functioning with VBox on my laptop.  Don't know why -- haven't been able to figure it out yet.

thanks i would have never have known that. :)

You are only downloading the Extension Pack.  Click "All Platforms" to download it.

awesome thanks so much! i am running 4.3.10 on a 32 bit machine i will go to that website and download it now, thanks all again! :D i am a little confused on which one to download, it lists a lot of them under that version of virtualbox? any idea which version of Ubuntu linux lite will go with best?

sorry for all the dumb question first time using virtualbox and linux in general.


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