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Version Lock Does Not Work With a dist-upgrade


Thanks for this :)

From what I gather, Synaptic only affects things done with Synaptic -- it won't stop other package handlers from doing things.  (Why?  I don't know.)  The better way seems to be by doing either of these two commands:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-mark hold gqview
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---echo gqview hold | dpkg --set-selections
--- End code ---
(Note: some sets of instructions have quotations around "gqview hold"; others don't -- so I don't think it matters which way you choose.)

There is also something called "Pinning" packages, but I'm not entirely clear on the usage of it.  Here's some further info to look through:


In Synaptic Software manager I lock a version of gqview, it appears red in Synaptic and seems to indicate it's locked. But when I do a dist-upgrade it updates to geeqie and newer version of gqview.

Is there away when I run upgrade to skip the "upgrade" for gqview or block anything named geeqie?


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