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Tor Browser installed but wont launch

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Package was bugged. All fixed now. Run Install Updates.

Doesn't work for me with Linux Lite 5.2 when I download it from the Software... it installs but won't open... same problem the other guy had.  Going to try the debian file.

You're welcome :)


--- Quote from: Jerry on May 17, 2020, 08:39:42 AM ---Please ONLY install it using Lite Software.

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But wouldnt run from there!

Howerver, I upgraded to Linux Lite 5.0, and it now does run from Lite software, so no problem.

You created Linux Lite?
It's a masterpeice than luddites like me can even use without needing to swot over the terminal all the time.

Better to install it from Lite Software. Look for common, cross platform software there first.

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