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Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: Jerry on July 22, 2020, 08:46:23 PM ---Not really viewed as a major priority. We don't want our target audience fiddling about with SystemD tweaks.

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Thanks for answering! :)

It's difficult to make a choice. Given the average level of the users, as you said, it's safer to avoid tampering with key components.
As I see, many users have trouble reinstalling, although it's relatively easy to create a /home partition that waives all the headaches...
Under such conditions, it is out of question to put such a tool in the wrong hands. It just opens the Pandorra's box of complaints...

Final note:
I am very happy with Linux Lite 5.0 on Dell Precision T1700! :)
Everything works flawlessly! :) (So far... :) )

Thanks! :)
Have a great day! :)

Not really viewed as a major priority. We don't want our target audience fiddling about with SystemD tweaks.

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Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: Jerry on May 25, 2016, 09:56:48 AM ---Yes.

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Hi, Jerry!
I've been looking for a long time for such a tool.
Sadly, none of the above have versions for Core 20.04.
Reverting to LL 4.8 looks ugly to me (I'm very pleased with 5.0! :) ) and I lack the skills to compile and eventually, fix things if needed.

Do you have any news on releases for 20.04?

I bookmarked the thread, I find it very important, since getting rid of useless services is important to anyone.
For now, I have DConf installed but it's too technical, has to many cryptic fields. Reminds me very much of RegEdit... I never liked it but there were too many things that could be solved only this way...

I like better Boot-Up Manager and System-UI

Maybe you can add this kind of tool to Lite Tools?

Lite Tweaks is from UI's perspective, very much like these ones. I like it, I use it. :)
Sadly, SystemD is too complex to add all things into Lite Tweaks and as I see things, for a total newbie, it would be better to have a distinct App. My modus operandi allows me to do whatever I want with the machine, since a restore takes some 5 - 10 minutes and I've done it countless times but for this, you need practice and this takes time...
I never recommend to a beginner to use tools that might create trouble and tampering with SystemD is the last thing I would recommend to a beginner...
As I see it, this is very much like running the whole system as root. It's possible, but why?

A different approach might be that having such a tool in Lite Tools Package, might impact the overall impression on Linux Lite. Might boost the number of users.
It's less about running Lite on a slow machine. It's about the efficiency Linux Lite provides me. Now as you already know, I have enough resources to run whatever distro, eventually get back to Mint. Still, Lite is different. More stable? Maybe. More flexible? Maybe.
I never had serious trouble and I went from LL 4.0 to the current LL 5.0.
Further more: while some people had trouble with GUID/UEFI, except for some 30 minutes I lost to figure out how to do it, it all went smooth enough to call it "Out of the box".
While on Mint, there were trouble from version to version. Nothing "unbreakable" so to speak, but annoying enough.

And there is something you pointed out in the interview: COMMUNITY.
This, I find irreplaceable.

So, what do you think? Is it doable?

Best regards! :)

@trinidad and @firenice03
Oh, yeah, those release notes thingy. I knew I saw them info's somewhere! (says me with a potato farmer's accent)
Now I feel like the times when you removed those little tags from clothes and then ask yourself if you can put them in the dryer without getting an gnome suit afterwards.

SiS... in the news, they say that they're not nice people, beheading others, etc..... Oh wait... thats another group.
Both can scare people though... ;)


--- Quote from: TheDead on December 28, 2019, 05:04:31 PM [email protected]
Hi, thanks for the VirtualBox reminder... I looked around but I didn't see it in Sticky anywhere...

I also just noticed in your sig you had an Atom with SiS?
Maybe you had to use it as a punishment... or lost a dare? :DD
I'm just kidding, but when I work on a "trouble" system with an SiS chipset. I can almost flip a coin that it comes from a SiS "incompatility" of some kind.

--- End quote ---

Yes it was in the release notes :)

As for SiS... UGH -- it was what I had, and an early on box too try to "learn" on...
I always found it was a custom/modified xorg.conf..

I have bookmarked.. To remind me LOL

There are probably many other links in the forum for SiS too ... but UGH...
I remember trying a setting, rebooting and having to undo/correct in a tty and try again... I made sure I had backups LOL


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