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Perhaps a list of what can be shut-off for a faster boot up that 99% of users can do without the fear of doing damage to the O.S?
That would be neat for folks like myself.

Please open a support thread, this is a Tutorial. Thanks.

According to the specs of the Eeebox 1501P
The HD is a 320 GB SATA @ 5,400 RPM


For your , Asus eeebox 1501b, do you know if the harddisk inside is a SSD?
I regularly have problems in laptops and micro PCs (low to no airflow) with a "standard" harddrive getting hot, specially if it's a 7200rpm drive.
(guess this should be moved to a support section though :-S )


(Throwing some ideas post :-) )

I agree that this should be included in Lite Tweaks, maybe in an advanced or in a special "Diagnostics" section / module?
But, to make it more user flriendly, I would add some "Info" text in the program though, just above the buttons on the main window.

I push new Linux users to click and try everything so opening the tool with a text saying what is does would help guide/teach users.
Maybe, something like :
"This tool helps diagnose startup issues related to SystemD. SystemD provides a standard process for controlling what programs run when a Linux system boots up."

Now that I think about it, I would find this helpful in a lot of "specialized" applications, but that could be the noob in me talking. ;)


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