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Standard Keyring question after installed Spotify?

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Hi all.
My LL 4.8 still works perfect, and I'm very pleased with same.
However, I wonder if someone can assist with following: I recently installed Spotify from Lite Software. After logged in to Spotify, a window popped up and requested password for the Standard Keyring? I have not seen this before, and my question is if I should use my login password or leave it blank?
Thanks for all feedback.

Can you screenshot this in action please.

Attached is the window that popped up, latest when installing the Geary e-mail client (from Synaptic Package Manager).
The text is in Norwegian, so I have done some free translation:
1st text-line: State password for new keyring.
2nd text-line: A program want to create a new keyring called "Standard keyring". You must choose the password you want to use for this one.
3rd text-line: Password
4th text-line: Confirm
5th text-line: Cancel / Continue

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