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Hi Mark

Having tried numerous things on my friends PC i.e. deleting chrome (wouldn't let me) numerous Lite Tweaks and Timeshift (system restore) options without success I found the easiest option was to reinstall Linux Lite from scratch HOWEVER, as I had done the original installation on my friends machine and created their home directory on a different partition this was a relatively straight forward process.

If you don't know, or are not sure,  what any of this means and you have data that you cannot afford or do not want to loose then  DO NOTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THIS DATA TO A SEPARATE USB or HARD DRIVE .

If the laptop is to be used exclusively as a Linux Lite machine (highly recommended) then I strongly suggest that you spend time reading the LL help manual  and also watching the following You Tube video several times over until the principals all begin to make sense to you and then install LL to the machine, complete with the separate grub, boot, swap & home partitions which will make for a far more efficient installation, both for now and when upgrading in the future.


If all this sounds somewhat daunting at this stage - it certainly did to me - trust me, it will all begin to make sense providing you take your time and keep reffering to the manual and YT video as you progress.

I came to LL from Windows XP and just want to use my PC to carry out my work and have no interest in learning how to program or even understand the intricacies of how Linux works but the support I have received from Steve F, Jerry and others on this forum when I've hit a problem that I didn't understand has been second to none and very much appreciated and it's nice to hopefully be able to assist someone else in their journey into a great operating system

mark stevenson:
 Hi Daveyboy and Stevef, thanks for the response.

Yes, it's an update button on the chrome web page itself.

I don't know what LL updates are... actually, as I type I now realise it stands for Linux Lite. is that correct?

I don't even know my password. If I set one up I dont remember it.

Do either of you know what I can do? how wouldI change the password without knowing the current one?

would I have to install the OS again?

Cheers again,


Perhaps I can shed some light on this issue - I believe that Mark may have clicked on an Update Button in the top right hand corner of Chrome itself rather than in LL updates.

Something similar happened to a friend on mine and occured because they had neglected to keep their LL updates updated.
Everytime they logged into Chrome there was a  - Google requires updating box - in the top right hand corner of the screen, complete with button for them to complete  the said task. They clicked on the link and it appeared to work but now they were was no longer able to install any LL updates.

Having tried numerous things to resolve this issue for them, including 2 different Timeshift Restores, without success I then decided to reinstall LL WITHOUT the updates. I then rebooted LL and opened Chrome and sure enough the same message was there in the top right hand corner of the screen because at this point I was running an outdated version of Chrome.

I ignored this message, shut down Chrome and then run LL updates successfully. When I then went back into Chrome the update box no longer existed so I explained to my friend that they should only ever use the LL updates button on their taskbar and all will be well.

Had they (a) maintained their LL updates regularly and (b) not pressed the update button displayed in Chrome then they would never have had an issue.

Normally the update/upgrade tools require authentication before the update/upgrade process does anything so I'm not sure how chrome managed to download an update.  What update icon did you use to start the download ?

Edit - strike out text below following the post by daveyboy which states chrome has an independent update mechanism which may adversely affect 'normal' updates making the problem more complex.

For the password required, part of the installation involves setting up an account on the system at the Who Are You ? stage of the install. Here you are asked for a username and password and to confirm the password.  The username and password will be used at login if you selected the option to 'Require my password to login'.  If you selected the option 'Log in automatically' during installation the login authentication is skipped.

However, the password is still there and is required if you make system changes.  As an update is a system change, the system needs the password you set up on installation.  If your login is not secured and you have forgotten the password that you set, you need to follow this instruction.

mark stevenson:
Hi All, new here and confused. :59:

i downloaded and installed linuxlite onto my laptop. I'll be honest I'm hopeless at computers and generally don't use the laptop.

Today I fired it up to play around with it and i noticed that CHROME was requiring an update. Naturally I clicked the "update" icon and whilst it downloaded fine enough; I found, to my dismay, that I was expected to enter a password for the update to be installed.

The application requesting the password seems to be some sort of linus download/install manager.

As I say, I don't generally bother with the laptop as my efforts online are like that of most and can easily be handled with my phone.

My question is this- Does anyone know how I can change the password or do away with it all together?

Thanks to anyone with any advice/gets in touch.


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