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Scratch 3 (aka Scratch Desktop) on Linux Lite... is it possible?


I did get your email as well, but I have no idea what scratch 3 is or where to find it. IF you post some links, we can get started on this. Thank you.

EDIT: Is this it? Download -

I run the local CoderDojo ( and we use Scratch 3 (Desktop) on the computer of the kids. Because very often we make our labs in places where there isn't any internet connection, we use the desktop software and not the website inside the browser (
I saw that some distro of Linux has access to the standalone version of the Scratch3 software... By searching into the repository, I only find "Scratch" (the oldest version).
Is there anybody here that knows if there is some way to installa Scratch 3 on Linux Lite?
It will be great because I see that this OS looks very good and I am using it in an old computer with a very slow processor... but without any problem.


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