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thanks for the reply when i tested out linux quite some time ago i did manage to use XRDP quite well but i just wanted to get some experienced linux users suggestions of products

I know teamviewer very well i use it to support friends and family far away with their computer issues a great piece of software so i will make that a backup as i find it can be a little sluggish sometimes and windows Remote Desktop works so much better

but thankyou once again for the suggestions :)

Hi protocol77. I don't personally use this software but here's some information that you might find helpful.

Remmina Remote Desktop for Windows(RDP) and VNC Servers
This is very simple to install from the Linux Lite desktop
Menu > System > Install Additional Software > Install Remote Desktop

TeamViewer - A remote desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux.
Installation instructions are in the Linux Lite Manual
Menu > Help Manual > Software (tab at top of windows) > Link "Other Software - Install popular programs"

The help manual is also online:

Can someone recommend what program i can use to remote connect from my Windows 8.1 PC to another computer running linux lite

something as easy as possible please and that will hopefully work with windows built in remote desktop connection or a windows compatible software


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