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PDF printer to file set up

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Yeah, I forgot to mention it.  I use it as a last resort printer in similar situation where the default "Print to file" or "Print to pdf" fails in the app.

Tks Riser.  Opera Sorted. Note that cups -pdf does not appear to give a save path option for the printed file. Found that the created pdf wassaved in a pdf folder opened via Home Folder icon. Ta :)

Try installing "cups-pdf" package

Tks Valtam.
Appreciate Opera not in your remit.
Have done some crude testing FYI.

Webpage Print To File test
NO External Printer Connected
Opera  PS file only no PDF option
Firefox Choice of PDF or PS
Chrome PDF only

Cuta and pasted webpage to Libre Write

Libre Office Export to PDF OK
Print To File gives only PS option

Agagin not sure if this will be of use to you at the "crafting" end.
Might be of use to fellow "newbies"

Hi newtusmaximus. I've been using the print to PDF from Firefox for the past six months, never had a single issue. If you have any questions, post them and hopefully I'll be able to help. ~Scott


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