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Asking the obvious, do you have any sort of flash blocking plugin for firefox? I listen to pandora daily without issue. With that said however, there are non-flash alternatives such as pithos

I honestly don't know what your problem is. Maybe re-installing Adobe Flash? Pandora (and Spotify for that matter) works perfectly in my Firefox in Arch Linux.

Looks fine to me, must be something specific at Pandoras end, this worked perfect for me - . Someone else may know.

I tried to listen to Pandora, but they say I need to upgrade my browser or install a version of Flash newer than v10.0.

This is what in the systeminfo log for Flash:
ii  flashplugin-installer                     Adobe Flash Player plugin installer

This is Firefox:
i  firefox                                27.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1            Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla

That looks OK to me. I've visited Youtube and have no problems there. Am I overlooking something??

Thanks for any help.


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