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Need help with USPS shipping label and Acrobat


Next time take a screenshot of the file in firefox and print the .png file.

Thanks, but ended up having to go into Virtualbox and print the labels from Windows.  Crazy that the post office would lock linux users out like that.

Jean-Marc B:
Hi !

Are your sure there's no way to save the PDF file to your hard drive and then printing it out with your usual software ? I'm sorry to insist, but not so long ago I had a similar problem and saving the file wasn't an option on screen, but worked ok from Firefox file menu "Save as...".

As far as Adobe Reader is concerned, you might be able to install its flathub version. I haven't used it, nor installed it myself, so I can't comment on it. Here's the link :

I need to print a shipping label but the postal service website is requiring adobe acrobat to view, print or save the label.

How would I install the acrobat software so my browser can print the shipping label?


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