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Main Menu Editing

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Main Menu Editing
« on: October 03, 2018, 05:49:49 PM »


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I wanted to add my apps to the menu and am stuck.
The Python scripts live in the home folder currently.Their desktop launchers live in a folder on the desktop named shortcuts, which was just a temporary choice as I didn't want them on the desktop, after adding to the panel it was too many icons for my liking.The desktop launcher icon I use is /usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/24/application-community.svg
This meant I still had a folder on the desktop for the launchers.

After recent updates, unsure which exactly caused it, but I know 3 were Python updates.It added the 3 desktop launchers in to the menu directory named SD, and they functioned correctly.

I don't like this icon/directory, and had issues with it before with Etcher which lives in the downloads folder instead as I was unable to solve that.
In trying to put this in another menu directory I ended up messing up the first launcher, so deleted the other two, as two is not three, and the SD directory disappeared as there is nothing being used in it.

I added a new item in Main Menu Editing , tried several directories, it would not appear in the menu.
But if I create it in the SD folder it does appear in the menu.Whereas the Python icons are under the Development Directory, but the launcher will not appear or make this directory appear in the Menu.
The next part of the problem is when creating the launcher in the SD directory, the usual desktop icon when set appears in Main Menu Editor, but it will not appear in the Menu, instead it appears as a blank space, I know it is possible for this icon to appear in the menu directory as initially after the updates it used this icon on all 3 in the menu.
Not so important, but it might be better to have its own Menu directory so I can put these 3 and any future ones in the same place, in case there are any issues.
After the Etcher Saga, I have never tried editing the menu at all in any way.
After these updates it sort of planted a seed that it would be better in the Men as it means I wouldn't need to have a folder on my desktop for the launchers, as I usually have zero folders or launchers on the desktop.

I also want to make new icons at a later time by wrapping the flags around each of the above icon, Gimp cannot do it, it says in the text editor they are made in Inkscape, which I don't have installed and have never used but its another topic for later, if I get stuck on that.I think I installed it once maybe in LL series 2, but didn't use it.


Download Linux Lite 5.4 RC1 today - See Release Announcements