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Installing Webmin on Linux Lite 6.2

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Check if it has been added to the Session and Startup menu. Linux Lite is an Xfce modified desktop so maybe check the Xfce forum. Not sure why you want to use a Linux Lite desktop system as a server instead of an Ubuntu or Debian server installation, when you can spin up any desktop system peripherals you need access to on the server anyway. Check the link below for other options to Webmin.

Is anyone running Linux Lite as a server OS?  I'm running Apache, LetsEncrypt, ssh, xRDP and it works great as a webserver.  The only problem I've had is that Webmin doesn't support Linux Lite so, after Webmin is installed (By either .deb file or manually) the OS show as "Generic Linux 6.0" and the Webmin server modules don't load automatically like they do when installing on Ubuntu 22 or Mint 21.  It seems to me that the same install routines that work for Ubuntu and Mint should work for LL since I don't see any real differences in the filesystem structures so if I could trick Webmin into thinking it was installing on Ubuntu instead of LL that might work.


Any ideas?



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