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How do I install Google Earth in Linux Lite?

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Kenneth Taylor:
I have a simple goal:  to download and install Google Earth in Lenux Lite so that I can open the program by clicking on icon or selecting it from a menu.  I have been unsuccessful in getting there.  I have searched the internet for instructions.  I have copied codes and pasted them into my terminal.  I have followed instructions on at least five webpages.  I have become frustrated.

Should I give up and return to Windows?

Hello Kenneth Taylor,

have you tried this tutorial ?

Or this one ?

I just got this link from the browser version of Google Earth. Worked great.

I think you just double click the .deb file to install but it's been a while. :-)The default is to open with GDebi Package installer or you can save the download. Click on "install package" and it will install.
The link to open it after it is installed will be in the internet section of the menu.

Kenneth Taylor:
Not one of these suggestions worked.  I still cannot click on an icon or go to a menu and open the program. 

Also, I have tried all of the above several times already.

Unless somebody knows how to make this work, I give up.

How to Add a New Icon to your Panel -

How to make a icon on your Desktop for any app installed, and including for one coded by yourself -

The Linux Lite Help manual covers how to, Add New Items, to the Menu -


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