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How could I install a *.sh file and have a new unofficial keyboard layout?


v6rg nobody:
I want to install Gilaki Keyboard Layout in Linux Lite. I used to install it in Ubuntu by this way:

Downloaded from this link:

and follw these codes:

--- Code: ---sudo cp -R ./* /usr/share/X11/xkb
--- End code ---

and  then:

--- Code: ---sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data
--- End code ---

But in Linux Lite I am confused. None of these codes are working. Please help me to have my mothertongue keyboard.

And thisis github link for my keyboard:

I have a laptop with a US layout keyboard, but i need to type german and Turkish letters such as , and so on. I do this by pressing Alt+o, Alt+s etc. this is called German(US) layout in KDE settings. However there isnt the equivalent of this layout for Turkish. Is there any way i can define a custom layout where Alt+s is ş and Alt+c is and so on? Thanks in advance for Speed Test your replies.


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