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Help to install CPU-X to see the information system of my laptop


Did you manage to install cpu-x ?

Try putting your system make and model information into a manufacturer's website to find what they suggest.

For example the UK site for Crucial is

Or, get the part numbers from your existing RAM and HDD and use a search engine to find their specification.

Carlos Bernardino:
Hello again,

Thanks for your attention.

I need to know the latency and the CL of the RAM. I know it's DDR3, but I don't know the details of the RAM exactly, because the manual about this laptop doesn't mention those details and CPU-X doesn't mean the latency and CL in none part, and in Windows, I remembered that appears that information but I don't remember now!
I think, about SATA, that this laptop has the SATA 1 or SATA 2? If I buy a 2.5 SSD with the SATA 3 standard, I think I can install it in the SATA 2 or SATA 1 standards, if I'm not mistaken. I want to upgrade the RAM, for this laptop starts more quickly!
The model of the laptop is ASUS x550CA XX103H !
Please, can you help me answer my questions?

Thanks again!


Linux Lite 6 comes with a couple of utilities which might give you the information you want without installing anything extra.
Take a look at 'System Monitor' and 'System Information'.

If these don't show you what you want, there are cli commands (for Ubuntu) to install cpu-x on the page you linked to.
If you prefer a GUI approach, cpu-x is available for installation using the package manager (synaptic).

Click Menu and begin typing 'Package Manager' into the search box.
When you see Package Manager offered click on it
Enter your password if asked
Type 'cpu-x' into the search box
Highlight the enter for cpu-x and check it is the one you want.
Click on the check box and select 'Mark for Installation'
Review any additional changes required and confirm.
When ready click apply.

Carlos Bernardino:

Can you help me, install CPU-X to see the information about my laptop? I don't want to remove the Linux Lite and put Windows to see the information system of the laptop.

The link for CPU-X is here:

Thank you!


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