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Has anyone ever installed Waydroid on LL ?

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Understand that using Waydroid might not provide the same experience as using the apps natively on an Android device. Some features, gestures, or functionalities may not work as expected.

It seems like you're mentioning that you've installed Waydroid on a Linux distribution. Waydroid is a compatibility layer for running Android applications on a Linux distribution, similar to Anbox. Since you're using it on Linux, I assume "LL" refers to a specific Linux distribution, but it's not clear which one you're referring to.

william shane:
Some users have noticed stability and performance concerns with waydroid, which is currently in its early phases of development. Some users, nevertheless, have reported no hiccups when using Android apps on Linux.

A fairly strong system with 4 GB of RAM and a GPU with Vulkan capability is required to run waydroid. Performance or compatibility issues can arise if your machine doesn't match these specifications.

Jean-Marc B:
Some news about this project. Had some time to spare, tried to install it, but failed, can't figure out why, but did anyway.

Maybe someone will have more luck  one of this day. Hope he'll let us know.

Cheers.  :wave

Jean-Marc B:
Hi folks !

Well, before trying it myself, I'd like to know if someone has already tried to install "Waydroid" and if it was worth the bother.

I'm considering installing it on my mini laptop as there're 2 apps I can't really find an equivalent on Linux, but as the machine is very limited, I'm a bit doubtful.

Any contribution welcome.  ;)


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