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Title: Getting XP Themes to work under WINE
Post by: abstractspoon on July 08, 2018, 08:38:00 PM
I hope you will forgive me when I tell you that I am a Windows software developer and I just use Linux Lite to verify that my software runs under Linux.

More recently I have been trying to get XP theming to work for my app but have had limited success, which is most likely due to my not really knowing what I am doing, beyond trying to follow the instructions on this page: (

The end results are that the winecfg dialog gets themed but nothing else, including Notepad, does. Interestingly though, calls to GetThemeAppProperties from within my app indicate that theming is active and operating.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

ps. AFAIK Linux Lite is fully up to date and I'm running WINE 1.8
pps. My app contains a manifest which enables theming