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Kevin Perez:
As frustrating as it is that I chose the worst dvd burner is the fact I waited until recently to try it out. If I tried using it back when I received it, then I would probably have had the opportunity to return it.


You have one of the worst choices for Linux.


Kevin Perez:
Good evening,

I am guessing even if you guys help me find a driver finder application, I will still need to return my Cb31005. There is muchc, I find frustrating about this device. Firstly, the instructions are written in 2 pt font, which is my being modest, but I need a magnifying glass to read them. Secondly, after using a magnifier, I found out the driver installation disc was not included. Plus, the instructions claim I need to install something to get the dvd burner to work. On top of all this, after trying to burn onto 3 different discs, I kept hearing the spinning sound. You know the one when there is a scratch on your cd, and rather than trying to skip that section it just keeps bumping against the brick wall.

To make matters even more difficult, I did a search for Cb31005 drivers Linux, and I failed miserably to find anything. Like I said earlier, I am guessing even with a driver finder, I would still need to return the drive. I am also aware that Lite includes "Install Drivers". Unfortunately, this just does a search of graphics drivers. Unless, I am using it incorrectly.

You guys have any suggestions about how to find this sort of software?

Thank you & Happy Holidays.


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