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Downloading Picures via Mobile Phone



Was she able to transfer them in Windows? From what I've read, some of the Nokia Lumia models require a registry hack to appear as a drive - even in Windows.

A Windows Phone that won't interact with a Windows PC/laptop without hacking the registry makes NO sense to ME. If that's the case, a Windows Phone isn't very much good at all, despite its wonderful camera. 

I used to have a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, and moving files around on it or to a PC was no issue at all. However, I decided to switch from Windows Mobile/Windows Phone to Android after WP7 came out. After all, regardless of Microsoft's hopes to the contrary, developers just AREN'T going to make apps for Windows Phone.

Usually, somewhere in a phone's settings lies the option to make the phone's internal storage appear on the PC as another drive. If not, then if the pictures are on, or can be moved to, the phone's MicroSD card, you could remove THAT. Then, with a card reader (or adapter, if the laptop has an SD card slot), it can be inserted into the PC for the files/pictures to be read and/or moved. Either way, the File Manager in Linux Lite SHOULD let you copy/cut/move/paste them to the laptop.

Exactly how this can be done varies between Android, FruitPhone (iPhone) and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone, the latter being what the Nokia Lumia is, IIRC...


The Mrs has taken a load of pictures using her moblie phone (Nokia Lumia) and then tried to download the pictures onto my laptop but she has failed each and everytime. Could someone help please?


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