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Deepin Desktop

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Re: Deepin Desktop
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2024, 12:17:58 PM »


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I'm not so sure I would run Deepin these days (Tik Tok etc.) given its origins, also XFCE is probably the easiest Linux desktop to learn. As far as aesthetics it is infinitely customizable and Linux Lite being Ubuntu LTS based would probaly be its most stable, new user friendly, and secure iteration. Given this there is simply no advantage to running Deepin or its rendered applications of any sort that improves on anything Linux Lite already has available. Personally I would rather run Windows 10/11 than Deepin as tracing its MS world myriad of security leaks would be easier than examining every bit of source code in the Deepin OS. There are many reasons why Deepin has yet to make it into Debian stable, including phone home situations as well as sloppy code examples. This in itself given that Debian is basically geo-politan should be taken as something cautionary. If this is about eye candy KDE versions like Kubuntu, or OSs like Zorin might be a better choice for you. I do not endorse or recommend Deepin for anything at all regardless of its base, and Arch in any form is not a Linux beginners distro. What in the world is the feature in Deepin you find so enticing?
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Re: Deepin Desktop
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2024, 06:51:48 AM »

Şerban S.

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After many years of tinkering with Linux (from 1997...) and some 12 years of using it on a daily basis, I came to the conclusion that:
1. Either you are a top-notch programmer (That is: ASM, C++, Ojective C, Python) and very familiar to the GCC tools and distro development, IT IS BEST TO AVOID FIDDLING WITH THE DE;
2. OR: If there is any compatible DE that has been tested by the community and proved to work without major issues, just install that one, if you really desire that. Still, I have never came across such a DE on this forum...
3. After some 5 years of distro-hopping and accepting the narratives regarding DE compatibilities across many distros (Deepin claims this!) and trying this, practice says that what a distro says about its DE has nothing to do with installing it on a different distro, regardless the automation provided. It's just marketing hype.

And a final consideration:
While I made my choice some 5 years ago and as you can see it's Linux Lite, I can tell from experience that if you really want to use different DEs, you should move to Manjaro Linux.
Why that, it's a too long story which I'll make very short:
A. Arch (Manjaro is an Arch, an user-friendly one) has I guess at this time, the best available Linux Encyclopedia. I's likely that if you can't find your problem in Arch Wiki, you'll be searching a long time to find anything, if any result might come out at all.
B. Manjaro, by default, allows you to install some "Alien" DEs, and as far as I remember, Deepin is one of them. But here is a different story running behind the scenes: The included DEs, are crafted specially for Manjaro by their development team so, if they support that approach, it is likely that all included DE kits will work, regardless their origin. It is not the case for Linux Lite though...
C. A final thought... It all boils down to two choices: 1. If you are a workflow-centered person, you'll definitely apreciate Linux Lite, for it is IMHO the ideal distro for that specific purpose: low foot print, high resources availability for the Apps. While almost any Linux distro claims that, reality might often prove different if you know your stuff. 2. If you are an experiment-driven person, then I guess Linux Lite is a lesser recommended choice.
This distro is aimed towards a high efficiency, high stability and highest possibly compatibility with old architectures. And, belive me, it walks its talk!

Best regards, Șerban.

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Deepin Desktop
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2024, 08:56:11 AM »


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Has anyone ever tried installed the Deepin desktop?

My wife has a computer I'm switching to Linux Lite but she has seen me working with Deepin on a laptop.

I don't use Deepin as my main OS, that workstation still runs Linux Lite but I do enjoy tinkering with it on a laptop I use for testing different OS's such as reactOS and others.

Anyway I installed Linux Lite 6.6 on a virtual box and tried the instructions found here

with the thought I could wipe out her Windows Box (it needs a complete reload) and install Linux Lite with the deepin de desktop.

But alas it crashes with 'unmet dependencies' issues and if I run apt --fix-broken install the terminal just scrolls with 'y' over and over.

I admit I am not an expert which is why I am posting.


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