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clipboard manager recommendation needed


Hi again,  :)

in the meantime I installed
--- Code: ---xfce4-clipman-plugin
--- End code ---
, which is often recommended for the xfce DE.
It integrates well into the panel and works as expected.

Still: there´s one thing I cannot quite explain.

At the moment there are 15 entries in it.
When clicking on the panel-icon I see the entry "Zeige die vollständige Chronik...", i.e.: "Show the entire timeline/chronicle", i.e. all entries.

When clicking on that one however I get a window showing the "settings", which is ecactly the same window I get when clicking on "Clipman settings"...  ::)

Might this be a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

Many greetings
Rosika  :wave


I found out I get the complete history in a seperate window when issung the command

--- Code: ---xfce4-clipman-history
--- End code ---
from the command-line. I guess that´s what should pop up from the context menu as well...

Hi all,  :)

I´m using Linux Lite 6.2 and I´m very satisfied with it.  :045:

Well, I was looking for a clipboard manager but it seems LL doesn´t come with one per default.
So I ´m looking for a good one to install. Doing a bit of research I found those:

- copyq
- gpaste
- klipper
- clipman
- diodon

 ( )

Hmm, I´m not quite sure which would be best for LL. Klipper for example  seems to be optimized (exclusively?) for the KDE environment.

Does anyone of you have a good suggestion?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Many greetings
Rosika  :wave


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