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Chrome Remote Desktop w/ lid closed


Maybe try checking the logs

With nothing but a terminal running, note the system time as hh:mm:ss
Wait a moment then briefly close the lid.

In the terminal run

--- Code: ---journalctl -b --since hh:mm:ss
--- End code ---
replacing hh:mm:ss with your noted value

This should show what hardware is triggered by the closing and opening action.

Then try repeating with your Chrome software running.

System: Running LL 6.4 on old Dell Lattitude laptop. Everything works smooth out of the box except the wifi driver, but unneeded as machine will be on ethernet always.

Purpose: What I want to do is use this as a remote access point on my network utilizing Chrome Remote Desktop since Chrome came standard. 

Info: The machine installed the deb perfectly for CRD and I can access it as long as the lid is open. I did the logind.conf edit and set all the HandleLidSwitch options to ignore. I've set all the power option in the GUI to stay awake (it's on AC power always, but set battery too) and this keeps the screen alive and active when I shut the lid (like I'm not shutting it at all at the physical keyboard).


the moment I shut the lid, it cuts off the CRD session and won't restart it without a log out/in  on the laptop (physical). Obviously that's not going to work. Does anyone have an older Dell running like a headless unit with CRD (or other laptops)? What's driving the session break when at-the-keyboard is staying live? I need to know what's still reacting to the lid switch. Thanks


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