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Can't See Any Way To Install Puddletag (Part 2)

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Can't See Any Way To Install Puddletag (Part 2)
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2022, 10:27:30 PM »


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My original post about not being able to install "Puddletag" has been solved. But I am unable to see any replies from my original posted question. I've tried logging in and out of my Linux Lite Forum account and can't see any replies as it just returns me to the post listings.

In any case, let me explain how I got it to install. Initially, I had looked through the Package Manager and "Puddletag" was nowhere in sight. So I opened up a terminal and did a search of Flatpak for it. It returned a "not found" message. Around midnight I thought maybe I'll try looking through the Flatpak "Software" GUI program. At first, I couldn't even see where I would enter a search term and began just looking through categories. But then I realized the screen was kind of set up like the way Gnome 3 is. I spotted a magnify glass icon at the top left corner and entered "Puddletag".

Lo and hold, there it was! But it showed "puddletag-snap" which I would assume means it's a snap package (does anyone really like snaps?). I installed it without a hitch though. Let's call that chapter closed for now. Thanks for anyone who tried to help me with my original post. Sorry I can't read your reply.

On a similar note though, I was looking forward to installing GCstar collection database and can't find that either in the original Linux Lite package manager or in Flatpak. I have a very large music collection I was hoping to catalogue this summer. This is another example of the original author's website saying "do this and do that" but it looks to involved to be worth it.

Anyone else have GCstar installed on their Linux Lite installation (5.8)? (I hope I can see your replies this time around!)


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