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Cannot watch movies on Amazon instant video within linux lite


For Amazon videos you need to install the package "hal".  Open a terminal and enter the following to install it:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install hal
--- End code ---

Then remove the hidden ".adobe" folder under your home.  You can do that with the file manager, or through terminal.  For using file manager, just open your home folder then click View -> Show Hidden Files.  You will then see all files that start with a "." (period).  Look for ".adobe" and delete it to get rid of its current settings.  (It will automatically regenerate the next time you view a flash video.)
To use the terminal, just enter the following (substitute your correct username):

--- Code: ---rm -R /home/username/.adobe
--- End code ---

Can't remember, but pretty sure after doing the above you'll need to reboot computer before trying again to view Amazon videos.  So go ahead and reboot, then try Amazon.  Should work now.

Hello everyone! Im completely new to linux and while I was able since installation, to get most things going, I still am unable to watch movies
when I log in to my amazon account. I keep getting the message that my browser or adobe flash needs updating. Can someone PLEASE HELP!!
Even some youtube videos tell me that adobe needs to be updated or installed. Thanks in advance. RJ


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