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I've already put LL on HDD.  :) I don't need a LL Live USB anymore. I was trying to say that I like to test, time to time, some other live distros and I am doing that using a USB stick. I download the ISO image of the distro I want and I put that ISO image on the USB stick. Than I'm booting from the stick and see if that distro play well and is nice. LL play well and is very nice, for instance.  ;) In my opinion.

In the last distro I used, I did the job with a small program which was preinstalled as a system tool. It's name was 'bootstick'. I searched the same tool in the LL repo, with Synaptic, and than with Lite Software Center, but I found nothing. Than I asked you, and in the same time I've continue to search and I found out that there is an Ubuntu equivalent for 'bootstick', called ImageWriter. It's the same program, in fact, because 'bootstick' is a fork of ImageWriter. But ImageWriter has a bug and it can't be used. So, I'm asking now how can I install 'bootstick", because ImageWriter do nothing. By the way, UNetbootin is useless too.

How can I put an ISO image of a distro, just any distro, on an USB stick and make the stick bootable using LL?

Hi Micro67. I'm not certain but I believe you're asking about making a bootable usb drive with Linux Lite?

Here's what's recommened from the Linux Lite manual:

Open the help manual:
Menu > Help Manual
Online >

Install Guide link (top of page) > see first few sections:

Writing the latest Linux Lite ISO to a CD on Windows
Writing the latest Linux Lite ISO to USB on Windows
Writing the latest Linux Lite ISO to USB using a terminal in Linux and OSX
No USB Boot option in the Bios? Use PloP


I use to test Live distros on USB stick. on the last distro I used, there was a small prog called Boot Stick ('bootstick' is the name of the pack). But it is not in the LL's repo. 'bootstick' is a fork of the Canonical's usb-imagewriter project. how can I install it on LL?

Thank you and sorry for my english!


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