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Thanks. I read the same article but was worried it might be a problem for destop Linux too. I update just about every day. I like the web-based scanning tool you provided. I think they are all I need.

Hi, Coastie

I've read a number of reports on viruses targeting Linux servers as well.  Most of these seem to be aimed at servers running old, un-patched versions of Linux ( although there is the infamous hack ( from a few months ago.

IMHO, you don't need anti-virus programs on Linux as long as:

1.  You keep your system updated (I do this at least once / week)
2.  You don't forward un-scanned attachments (especially Word or Excel files) to Windows users

Which is really the point you made - if you frequently forward attachments to Windows users then maybe ClamAV or some other precaution used to scan the attached files is a good idea.  There are some web-based file scanning tools, as well (  also ( that are trustworthy if you don't want to install a full-blown anti-virus application to your own Linux desktop system.

Just my opinion - I use the Jotti service when I need to scan a file for emailing (but then, I work at a university - and universities are "virus central" - I don't trust ANYTHING from a student's Windows system)  ;)

I have been reading on internet about a virus affecting Linux servers. Is there a need for antivirus on desktop Linux now?

I share files sometimes with my PPC iMac and e-mail people using Windows.


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