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(How) can SageMath be installed on LL 6.2?


or the 5.8 case:
Ubuntu is in the Universe Repo.
Looking at the two packages diverse functionality may be better in Debian.
The focal package is no longer recommended but the jammy package is reported by some to work on focal and jammy once the dependencies resolve.

Might be curious as to the error..

I looked on a 4.8 machine that is close - apt search sagemath showed it in the repo..
I ran the install command  apt install sagemath and a list of dependancies were displayed along with the ... do you want to install... which I cancelled

I did test on my LL6.2 VM and the install was the same. I would want to assume the same for LL5.x

Again maybe the error will help as to the why.
Maybe try running a Lite Update prior may help as well.

Hi. My Linux Lite version is 5.8 and I am trying to install a program called SageMath by entering "sudo apt install sagemath" on the Terminal, but I keep getting some sort of "uninstallable packages" error.
Before even attempting to troubleshoot the installation, I'd like to know whether it works on Linux Lite 6.2 without errors. If it does, I'll just upgrade the OS.

Thanks in advance.


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