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[Closed - reverted to 32bit LL+Wine] Is 64bit Wine OK and what version is in LL

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It is my belief that playing around trying to figure out how to set up everything you want to include teaches you more about Linux than a course does!


That's a relief - Many thanks Valtam  :)

Resource Usage says Mem  397/7268MB <-- theres your 8gb ram

   Size: 4096 MB
   Size: 4096 MB <-- theres 2 x sticks of 4gb ram.

Enjoy :)

OK. Installed 32bit LL and back to where I was before. Took 2 hours.

Acid test. Is LL lite using all my 8MB memory?

Resource Usage says Mem  397/7268MB
sudo dmidecode | grep Size | grep MB  says
   Size: 4096 MB
   Size: 4096 MB
free -m says
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          7268       1374       5894          0         56        952
-/+ buffers/cache:        365       6903

I ask this question as I read somewhere that LL 32bit kernel did not have PAE enabled and that the kernal needs to be recompiled - I hope that info is out of date!

Yes it does have pae support.

I shall mull a reinstall as 32bit LL over lunch...........

I had already installed 32bit LL on an old Intel Dell PC. So as an experiment I used that to install IrfanView. It went much smoother than the new PC with 64bit LL. Just a few, it seems, minor error messages. I still had to go to Settings and set "Launch GNOME services on startup".

I've now wiped my new PC and now installing 32bit LL as I write. Must say, install and all the updates is very quick compared to WinDoz :)


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