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I was using windows. Then I installed Linuxlite on legacy mode. It then didn't boot up. I realized my mistake and reinstalled Linuxlite on UEFI this time. Unfortunately It didn't boot up again. Only if I manually drive through UEFI firmware setting > Boot Device Options > Ubuntu, then the machine opens up with LinuxLite installed in it.

But when I normally open it up, it shows up "YOUR PC/DEVICE needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed."

Help me out please.
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Apologies for opening a new topic - there is currently a problem with the forum software that prevents opening topics with some types of punctuation in the title.

Refer to

Basically, you need a copy of your windows version on bootable USB or DVD media which you boot from (you may need to alter BIOS settings) and you should be able to try clicking

Advanced Options
Startup Repair

Edit - Did you try pressing F1 to enter Recovery Environment?  I don't know how far you can get without the Windows media.


But after the startup repair, will my existing installed  Linuxlite open up normally and automatically?

The error message you have appears to be Microsoft - I had assumed the setup is Linux Lite installed alongside Windows to make a dual boot system.

On a basic dual boot installation, Windows will likely remain the OS that boots automatically and to start Linux Lite will require some kind of action while booting.

Did you follow the Linux Lite only (Erase disk) option or Install alongside Windows option or Something Else ?


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