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XP switcher having problems


Ok great, what is the exact name of the file you are trying to open on the USB that gives you the error message?

Well I have Movies, Pictures, PDFs and Documents.

Welcome to the Forums docandgail98. It is better if you split up your questions into the appropriate thread categories. Since you first mentioned USB, we will address that here. For the other issues, please start a new thread for each one in the appropriate thread category.

Question, you haven't told us what it is you have on the USB that you are trying to work with. Let's start with that.

Thank you.

Looking to move to Linux for sometime and saw Spatry & MM's youtube video on Linux light. After having several problems on initial load. I re-watched spatry's tutoral and noted the second time that He pointed out a particular person recommended the 32 bit version even if you are 64 bit. I am okay with that.. it is just when I plug in my 16GB USB driver I get failure message. "Failed to initializing gstreamer transcoder." "An error occurred setting gstreamer up" Other problems were setting up Netflix and I set wine up and typed in the three lines of code suggested on youtube.. it appeared but I would get an error message use and more up to date browser or IE  with sliverlight which I thought I downloaded. Final problem was VLC media player Never had problems in windows using it. But playing any typical DVD at about 1:08 into movie the Audio crashes and at 2:15 the video crashes. If it would be smarter to load the 32 bit version I am okay with that. but I can not get USB drive to work. With the error messages I got loading it I thought that maybe it was a loading error so I reloaded it 45 mins ago. Still the same thing with the USB and the VCL player. . so I am back to square one and no Wine installed with any of the other things. No drivers appear to need to be up dated. Even if the 32 bit system is better for I will happily change over just please help me at least get this USB working so I can down load and up load the 32 bit version.
Thanks for the help.

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