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Greetings, Jerry & all!

I've recently installed a persistent Linux Lite v6.0 on a USB 2.0 thumb drive recently, using this tutorial. I had v5.8 on it before and it worked great! But with v6.0... it appears to be much, much slower, to the point of not being really usable. I then tried it again with a USB 3.0 drive, and I cannot see much of an improvement on this 10th gen i5 laptop:

* a solid 15 minutes boot time
* prompts for unresponsive applications when all I did was click the X to close them
* ~1h15 to download ~800 MB of updates on a 40 MBps connection, and 16% install progress after another hourMy thoughts are currently:

* Was there a change from version 5 to 6 that could explain such a difference?
* There's new options when using mkusb since the tutorial was made. Could one of them make the USB drive slower for a persistence purpose?
* Am I doing something wrong or having unrealistic expectations?I tested my USB thumb drive before using mkusb on it. On my desktop Linux Lite v6.0 installation, it took about 10 seconds to copy 1 GB of files to the FAT32 system that was on it then. Also, the laptop's USB port I'm using has 'SS' right next to it.

Any help would be very welcome! Thank you for reading and please have a nice day.


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