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Unable to find or create trash directory

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Thank you! I also made the folder hidden in my Win 7 PC so I don't delete it by accident :D

You're welcome. Always nice to hear about success!  8)

It worked! Thanks a lot. I just did as you said and made a trash folder now my files delete as they should :)

Thanks a lot, my user ID is 1000. I will try that in a bit and report back

If you create a trash folder it may fix the problem.

The name of the folder is like you see it .Trash-xxxx (note the dot before the uppercase T) but the xxxx will need to correspond to the user id. Here's a picture.

So the User ID is 1001 and corresponds to the folder name .Trash-1001 in the first picture.

If this doesn't work see the link below for more ideas.


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