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Time and date is not working properly

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--- Quote ---I had already set local time in Bios and that is working normally.
--- End quote ---

This may be the problem because Linux may be expecting the BIOS RTC to be UTC and will apply an offset depending on what you set the timezone to be.

We need to see the output of the command and know what the BIOS clock is set to and your local time to be sure.

That file is on your computer, so only you can see it.

To post the text into this forum, follow these instructions.
From the terminal session, highlight the text showing the command and the output, click 'edit' then 'copy'.

On this forum, click reply, then in the reply window click the insert code icon.  This is the  '#' symbol which you should see in the row above all the yellow icons above the reply window.

This should insert the words code and /code enclosed in square brackets in your reply.
Right click exactly between the two tags then paste. This should insert the text between the code tags.

Please tell us the actual time at your location when you make the reply..

Muhammad Umar Farooq:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I had already set local time in Bios and that is working normally. Now i have applied command according to your suggestion  and got the following message;-
Hope, the above file may assist you to understand my problem.

If you can access the BIOS on your machine, next time you boot up, go to BIOS settings and note what time the hardware clock is set to.  Then let the machine boot up normally.  Open a terminal (by pressing Ctrl Alt and T together) and run this command.

--- Code: ---timedatectl
--- End code ---

Post back with the actual time (at your location), what the BIOS time is set at and the output of the command shown above.

Muhammad Umar Farooq:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have installed Linux Lite 6.4 on my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge S520 and facing updates Errors which is being controlled by using time set manually. But on restart my time zone Asia/Karachi is not matching  with system. I will appreciate if someone can resolve this or guide me how to correct this problem.

Thanks with in anticipation,


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