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@Manessa ,
8GB will be fine.  My second computer runs LL 6.6 on 8GB, and the processor is an Intel i5.  No complaints from me.

Okay, thank you, but I would like to clarify. Are the system requirements listed on the website current? 8 GB of RAM is enough for me. My equipment was shipped in 2022


--- Quote ---Yesterday I installed Linux lite, but I have a concern that it is not suitable for my computer.
--- End quote ---
If it installed ok and is working well then nothing to be concerned about.  If it isn't working well then let us know what is happening.

The searchable hardware database might be useful in your research.  It has nearly 88,000 records of what hardware is being used to run Linux Lite.

In my limited experience, hardware from say 2015 onwards that was designed to run Windows 10 or 11 will be good with Linux Lite 6.x.
Hardware between 2009 and say 2015 designed to run Windows 7 or 8 may be better on Linux Lite 5.x
Earlier hardware that may have been designed to run Vista or XP is probably not suitable.

All hardware needs to be 64-bit capable to run current versions of Linux Lite (5.x or 6.x).
UEFI support was introduced in 5.0.

Hi everybody.Yesterday I installed Linux lite, but I have a concern that it is not suitable for my computer.I have 8 GB of RAM, a 6-core processor and 234 SSDs.My question is, what are the minimum requirements for linux lite?It's just why I asked this question, because I don't know if the system requirements that are listed on the site are still relevant.Thanks for attention.I am writing through a translator


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