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Should I use the Torrent or HTTP download


Welcome, davidatscpc!

Although either method of downloading the ISO is acceptable, a lot of content providers prefer that people download files as torrents. Torrenting lowers the bandwidth used by content providers - instead of one person's bandwidth being used to provide the download, it's spread out over many users, myself included, who 'seed' the download to others. Of course, you'll need a torrent client, such as MicroTorrent (uTorrent), Vuze, etc. to download the ISO as a torrent.

Let me also say that no matter WHICH way you choose to download a Linux Lite LiveCD ISO file, it's best to verify that the ISO downloaded properly. This is done by checking its 'hash code' (MD5 or SHA-1). This hexadecimal number is often listed on the same page as the download link, but if not, it can be found with Google or the search engine of your choice.

If you or anyone else needs specific instructions on exactly how to do an MD5 check on the ISOs, speak up...


Hi.  I currently have Windows XP on my 32 bit, 6 year old computer and would like to try out Linux Lite before April 8. I went to and I'm not sure if I should use the "HTTP DOWNLOAD" or the "torrent".  I've got a CD to download the OS to.  Which option should I choose?Thanks from Down Under :)


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