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Problem after login.


Hi, I'm new here, I have a problem after logging in.
The screen goes black, the cursor appears and I can't do anything (srry, my English is not very good :60:).
My current version of Linux Lite is 5.4

Can you supply more information about what led to this ?  For example - Is this a full installation which has worked ok before ?  If so, what changed ?  If it is a new install what options did you select ?  Any error messages while booting ?

At the login screen, have you tried accessing a terminal session instead of logging into the GUI ?

Press Ctl/Alt/F2 at this point and see if your login works.  If so you may be able to determine why the GUI login doesn't complete.

Your email wasn't verified. If it was you would have a 'Verified' badge on your user page. They won't be able to send an email to you because there wasn't one associated Nox Vidmate VLC with your account.


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