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Prepare for Shipping Gone [OEM Install]

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We started using LinuxLite for our computer refurbs and we installed using the OEM install .  at first we saw the prepare for shipping icon on the desktop  and in accessories.
When we was setting up a desktop to show the customer the system worked, we noticed the desktop icon is missing and its no longer in the accessories section.
we can verify that the OEM logon is the temporary account from the login. (also in the users account section)

any idea where/what happened?

attached image from the doc so we all know what im talking about :)

I just did the first part of the OEM install on 5.2 and the icons are there...

I had them too.  Not sure where they went.

Not sure what more I can do here, I have tried to replicate the event, but the behavior is as expected.

i think it might be UEFI
I created a new USB install.
booted system UEFI, installed as OEM option
after it was all done   and rebooted, the prepare for shipping icons are not present.


install again  as legacy
same steps as above
Prepare for shipping  icons are present


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