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Only scattered letters show in system menus ?.

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Only scattered letters show in system menus ?.
« on: February 21, 2021, 07:23:28 AM »

Jacky Joy

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I'm trying out Linux Lite from a live DVD on a Dell Dimension 2350 that previously ran XP.  Only onboard video display.    I see the desktop, and I can see the desktop menus but they are unreadable because most of the letters are missing. Not only in the menus, but also file names in the file manager. But Firefox runs fine.

I suspect the problem is that I didn't see any menus during boot, so I didn't get to choose a language.  Is that plausible?

What I saw during boot:
Feather, auto boot in 8 secs
A few flashes.
Black screen w patterned rectangle top L, stayed on screen 2-3 secs.
Grey screen with Buddha profile and progress bar.
Black screen for 50 secs.
Cursor appeared on black screen, 3 secs.
Desktop, with feather , 3 icons at top L with garbled labels,and toolbar at bottom.

I have a little experience with Linux: I run Ubuntu Studio on my (much newer) laptop. But this font problem is new to me. Any suggestions? LX terminal is working, so can I fix language with some commands (if that's the problem)? Would I have the same problem if I were to install Linux Lite as dual-boot? (not sure how, since I can't understand the menus).


Re: Only scattered letters show in system menus ?.
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@Jacky Joy
I assume this is the LL5.x Live Version?
Does the Dell have suitable specs? - It HAS to be 64-bit architecture..
Perhaps other specs? CPU/RAM/Video...

You could post the output of
Code: [Select]
inxi -Fxz
LL 4.8 UEFI 64 bit ASUS E402W - AMD E2 (Quad) 1.5Ghz  - 4GB - AMD Mullins Radeon R2
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Running Linux Lite since LL2.2


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