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New to Linux and Lite - need to overcome install Issues

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When you created the LiveUSB, did you specify 'persistence'?

Persistence creates an extra area on the USB drive to store anything you add or change. If persistence is not specified, any changes you make WON'T be saved, meaning you'll have to reinstall these things every time...


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Thanks, I did create a bootable USB using a download program from
And was able to boot Linux Lite good.  I downloaded a graphic driver that looks it may work, however after the installation was complete it asked me to restart to complete the installation I chickened out and shut the machine down.  May someone can clarify for me.  If I go back and forth between Windows and Linux, will I have install drivers every time each way?

Anyone else has any ideas about the other issues I am trying to resolve?

You're going to need to install proprietary Nvidia graphics driver to set your monitors up properly.  That and possibly a package called arandr if the driver doesn't solve issue itself.  Problem is you can't do that on a live DVD because you'll need to reboot for settings to take effect and that will re-start you back on square one.  (Can't write changes to a read-only DVD.)

Best bet is to make a bootable USB stick with a "persistence" file that will allow you to make changes that carry forward to future boots.  Then you can run the "Install Drivers" program under Menu -> Settings -> Install Drivers to find Nvidia drivers.  Here are a couple of programs for creating a live USB with persistence from your downloaded ISO file:

Use a 2GB or larger USB stick.  Max size for persistence file is 4GB.  Eg.  If using an 8GB stick, ISO will take approx. 1GB itself, then max out persistence at 4GB -- rest of space will be wasted.  (There are ways around that, but too complicated to bother going into for now and 4GB is much more than enough for testing purposes.)

after several tries I settled to run Linux Lite (LL) out of a boot CD.  originally tried to install along side Windows 7 but failed.  On the second boot I settled for running out of the boot disk and saw a few things I'd like to know if and/or how they are fixable.

Issues I'd like to learn to fix:
1. The LL tabletop is smaller than my monitor screen (monitor is 24", Tabletop 21")
2. Twice, when I shutdown it hangs.... and I am forced to do a forced shutdown
3. I am a Trader and use 4 monitors out of 2 graphic cards - LL repeats the same screen in 2 monitors.
4. Ultimately, I'd like too be able to install LL along side Windows (until I am confident of my ability)
5. I would like LL to operate out of (my current) C: drive and store all Data in E: drive

My System Hardware-wise is:
Z87 Deluxe Motherboard, 1707 Firmware (USB 3.0 able)
Intel i7-4770K CPU @ 3.5 GHz
16.0 GB RAM
2 NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 Graphics
4 Monitors (2 LG 21", 2 Dell 24")
One Intel SSD 520 Series 240 GB where the OS and Programs reside
One Seagate 1TB 3.5" SATA 7200 RPM HDD for Data (it contains all Documents, Pictures, Music, an Videos)

Thank you for Linux Lite.


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