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New installing LinuxLite 6.6 Idk how to partition a new installation without Win

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Şerban S.:

Most machines nowadays, have UEFI firmware. This partitioning system (GPT ) needs this kind of partition in order to install a bootloader.
The problem is that you forgot to mention the machine specs. So, I assume it is an old machine, with BIOS firmware.
For this type of machine, there are at least two solutions available:
1. Let the installer do the job. That is fast and easy, but has the inconvenient that your /home is actually a directory on the main partition (/ - Root).
2. Manual install.
That means that you use GPartED Live to pre-partition the media.
The minimalist structure is like this:
/dev/sda1, / (Root), ext4, 20 GB;
/dev/sda2, SWAP, (The amount, depends on the machine type and storage media). Say, 4096 MB. TOTAL = 24 GB;
/dev/sda3, /home, ext4, 60 GB. TOTAL = 84 GB;
/dev/sda4/ /data, ext4. Amount depends on the storage you have. If this is a 120 GB, the rest is allocated automatically to the last partition. That is, about 36 GB.
You can do the partitioning tasks, using the installer.
You need to choose the option "Something different". This will take you to the partition editor window.
You then have to delete all partitions then do the above partitioning tasks.
By default, the installer will have the bootloader installation media set to /dev/sda.
So, there's nothing else to do, except the case yo have a UEFI machine.
If this is the case, reply to this post and add the report for the following command (Copy/Paste in the Terminal):

--- Code: ---inxi -c 0 -ACdGMNSz
--- End code ---

Keep us updated!  :)

Best regards, Șerban.


I don't want have Windows anymore, I've read many questions in this forum, the guide and that didn't help me.
I know some of this steps installing but that guide with DUAL booting of Linux Lite really made me confused... (
To make it clear I'd give you some info of my PC

My bios is Legacy BIOS
I only want to install LinuxLite 6.6 with at last 4 partitions: grub/boot , /(ext4), home(ext4) and swap partition

My main doubt is the FIRST partition the one for the grub/boot .That's because with some Debian distros I only need one with at least 500Mb label as unformatted ,grub, bios... if I remember well.

Please ,help me. Thanks in advance


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