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Locked out after update

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--- Quote from: trinidad on August 12, 2021, 03:53:49 PM ---Try the image from below for Vbox,
...beyond that as far as a bare metal hardware install, zero the disk or partition first and then install. You may or may not have a hardware issue though I doubt it is a serious one, more likely PCI bus related, or RAM access related, or you misaligned disk segments which can happen when you work without pre-partitioning old OS segments.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! It's a laptop so there's not a lot I can do. Memtest86 for the RAM and testing Multiple SSD HD on a desktop. Same results.

Final update:

I found a 32bit Zorin ISO that I had DL'ed a while back, and tried to install that on the laptop. Failed the exact same way. LiveCD only 100%

I've given up on the LL 5.4 VM's and deleted them, I'll just stick with the LL 3.8 VM that I use, Firefox is a bit older but I use 3.8 on a 32 bit laptop anyways.


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