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LL6.0 Installation Problem



--- Quote from: Jerry on June 06, 2022, 07:04:43 PM ---Try an alternative to Rufus like Etcher.

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i have the same problem
installation got stock on update page .
is there any solution?/

'change the login ID' is a bit vague

Some variations

To select a different user name when logging in use the pull down against the username on the login screen.

To add a new user - see 'Lite User Manager' under Settings.
Use this to set up the new account with appropriate permissions etc then log out and log in as newuser.  If you are happy with the newuser 'Lite User Manager' can then delete the old account and associated data.

To change an existing user name to something different - search for usermod command.
This can change a username associated with an account ID.  Aspects related to the account ID such as permissions and passwords remain the same.
Again probably best to be logged in as something else while making the username change.
Because only the username associated with the account ID is changed, the home directory will still be the original name. Changing this is not always straight forward as some files within the folder can reference the folder and some applications may expect data to be in the old folder name.  This can become complex to manage.

Larry Stehno:
I tried building 2 different flash drives with etcher and the etcher install process failed on both.  I ended up burning a DVD  and I was able to install 6.0 with it.  I have a cleanup question, how do I change the login ID on a 6.0 installation?

Try an alternative to Rufus like Etcher.

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Larry Stehno:
I am trying to install LL6.0 on a Dell XPS M1330 Dual Core 64 bit notebook from a Rufus generated flash drive.  The install hangs on the Updates & Other Software page.  I had LL5.8 on this notebook for the last several months.  I tried the install with both boxes checked and with both boxes unchecked with the same result.  Please help.


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