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LL 6.0 Installer loads old liveOS from HDD instead of itself


Very strange behavior: booting the Live LL 6.0 on my Dell Inspiron One 2330 results in ... Ubuntu 11.10 LiveOS booted up, apparently found on /dev/sda2 (main HDD drive). I was not even aware of it still existing there. The PC was bought with Ubuntu 11.10 preinstalled and promptly replaced by dual boot configuration (Windows 8 plus Ubuntu 12.04, then 16.04 and 18.04). In between there was Fedora 27 installed over Ubuntu. All those linuxes were installed from a Live USB stick or DVD and never have shown anything like that. Same with Live-only trias of PopOS, MX21 and a bunch of others.

There is 'iso-scan/filename=${iso_path}' command in 'linux ...' line of grub.cfg which might be responsible although I am no expert on GRUB2 so I am neither sure if it is really that nor how to fix it. I will probably erase that partition completely and retry but still I guess it is sort of a problem with the installer (given that none of a dozen or so Live USB sticks with other OSes presented such a problem)

regards, Michal


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