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LL 5.4 - New Install - Error : Diskfilter writes not supported


Hi guys, just installed LL 5.4.
The above msg -> Error : Diskfilter writes not supported
pops up a for few seconds and then the bootup continues.

I am about to install LL 5.4 onto another machine.
What can i do to avoid this error ? Googling shows its something to do with LVM
( i did choose my disk to be formatted as LVM ). Reading posts here - i can see that this error has appeared in earlier versions as well ?

Pls advise.

Reference Links :
[ GRUB uses the diskfilter module (insmod diskfilter) in RAID partitions, and the lvm module in LVM partitions ]

Follow Up ( Based on )

For a temporary fix for this problem :
    Edit :/etc/grub.d/10_linux
    Replace 'quick_boot="1"' with 'quick_boot="0"'

    Then :
    sudo update-grub

But just wondering, if the LVM / RAID part is buggy, why would the installer provide this option if this is a long standing  bug ?
Or nothing can be done as this is the standard installer from Ubuntu and LL is waiting for an upstream fix?


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