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Hello all,

I want to create a live usb of LL5.0 to take with me as a portable secure OS on my travels.  Can I download file, docs, etc to the usb (16gig or 32 gig) and will these be retained on the usb after it is removed from whatever computer I will be using?

Take a look at the manual for a tutorial on USB persistent mode.

--- Quote ---USB Persistence enables the user to have a USB device with Linux Lite installed onto it, that can then be rebooted and all the files and settings are still available.
--- End quote ---

Thank you for that.  My laptop running LL4 is being repaired at the moment so I'll give your suggestion a go sometime next week.

Is there any way that I can try it in the meantime on my desktop running Windows 10?

There's the option to buy a pre-built 32G Persistent USB from the Linux Lite Shop.

I've not seen an example of Linux Lite build it yourself using Windows tools but you may find Windows based build instructions for another distribution.  For example, has a tutorial on how to create a bootable Ubuntu USB drive on a Windows machine which you may be able to adapt.

I think I'd rather wait and do it on my LL laptop as  you suggest

Thank you again.


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