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Live USB Boot, wont connect wireless


Thank you so much!! It Worked!!
the driver was already there, just had to be activated.


You probably need a proprietary driver installed (I'm guessing the wireless is a Broadcom card).  If your USB has a "persistence" file that allows for saving data, making permanent changes, etc., then you can install the driver to it and it will activate on subsequent reboots.  If you don't have a persistence file, remake the live USB with a program that lets you do that.  See here:

Boot the persistence-enabled USB, then go to Menu -> Settings -> Install Drivers.  It will take a few seconds to evaluate the computer and list any available drivers.  If you see one for wireless, install it and see if that works.  (You may need to reboot to have it take effect -- I'm not sure.)

Trying out Linux Lite on live Boot USB on dell mini 10 with xp. Will connect without problem when running windows. Booting up with usb, wont save my network info. I can hard wire it and will work on internet. Is this normal for live boot? or do I need to do something else to connect wireless. I want to make sure it all works correctly before I install. Have researched so much just to get where I am! Will have to watch more youtubes before I attempt an install.  I use my computers mostly for email, social media, and 'watching' videos, church, and how to's.  I know my way around the internet, but not inside the computer.

thanks for your help,


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